After 2 and a half weeks now here in Spain, I have settled in to living out here without the aid of my parents and I am starting to start the necessary hard work that I came to Spain to do with the help of my coach Cesar Neira.

Over the time I have been here, we have been working on getting me comfortable riding in Spain while doing tests to see how hard I can go in real world tests compared to scientific lab tests like the ones I have previously done with trainSharp. These tests included a real-world lactate test on a climb to see just how deep I could go outside of a lab. This test went well and I pushed myself right to the limit and went over the limit to show that I would not back down from pushing my ability.

Testing never gets easier

I am incredibly lucky to have strong riders local to me to ride with and test myself against. Primarily the two guys that have kindly let me stay with them for my time in Spain, Louis Bilyard and Santiago Cadavid as they are both exceptionally talented under 23 riders that I can learn a lot from and take my knowledge into the under 23 ranks myself next year.

Solid group ride
Bit of fun up a very steep ramp

Exciting times are certainly on the way as the training ramps up and there is a strong possibility of some racing being on the table for me while I’m here, I am very excited to get a number on my back in Spain and show what I’m capable of.

Lastly, I’d like to say a massive thank you to Paul Peacock and the Kent County Playing Fields Association for agreeing to support me. It is more than appreciated.

Muchas gracias Cesar. Estoy muy contento con su entrenamiento y no puedo esperar a ver cómo vamos desde aquí!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for many more blogs about my experiences here in Spain. Thanks to Pedal Potential for your continued support.



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