The hard work in Spain has been continuing and getting harder as I prepare to go back to the UK for some races.

Along with my coach Cesar Neira, we have been putting in a lot of hard work and I’m seeing very positive improvements in my performance and I’m feeling very good in myself and strong while on the bike on climbs and on the flats.

Last weekend, I had the experience of being in a team car working to help my 2 mates Louis Bilyard and Santiago Cadavid who race for Supermercado Froiz along with helping another team. It was a very stressful experience at the time as I had to get the bottles ready for all the riders while out on the course. It was a great experience for me to see behind the scenes of under-23 races in Spain and also to see races from the side of the team staff rather than the riders, while I will hopefully be a rider on a team next year, it certainly gave me a renewed respect for those that make racing happen.

Cesar and I in the team car

I have just under 2 weeks left in Spain before I go back home for the Tour of the Mendips first then the Tour of Wales so I will be putting my head down and digging in to get as strong as possible. I will have 1 opportunity to race in Spain and that comes this Saturday so I’m very excited to see what I can do against the Spanish juniors

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