This is a very different place to be writing a blog from. The past few days have been a roller-coaster for me and my family with me flying out to Spain and having to deal with the heart-breaking news of my grandfather passing away on the day I flew to Spain.

My family and I learnt about my grandfather being taken ill, while travelling to Heathrow airport. This news was devastating and almost stopped me flying out to Spain, but however hard the decision to leave my family was, I got on the plane to take the opportunity in memory of my grandfather.

The last photo I have with my beloved granddad on my recent 18th birthday

While I’m out in Spain, I’m very thankful to Santiago Cadavid and Louis Bilyard for letting me stay with them. I’m just getting used to training out here with the help of Cesar Neira. I’m only 2 rides into my time here and I love it out here, a lot more climbing than the UK which seems to suit me.

Hopefully many more good rides will come and hopefully some racing out here on the horizon as well. Thank you once again to Pedal Potential and trainSharp for allowing me to take this opportunity.

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