2022 is coming to an end and it’s been a year of learning and dealing with highs and lows throughout what was a very tough year for me.

This year was always going to be a tough one on the bike as a first year U23 riding in a new country away from home, in Spain. However, I never stopped to think about the mental challenges I could face over the year with added stresses of living by myself, alongside learning more advanced Spanish and still trying to ride at a high level. These crept up on me more than I thought but thanks to the help of my parents, my coach Cesar and my Girlfriend, I was able to manage the stresses a lot better.

Now, onto how the year went for me. In one word: Disappointing. As has always been said for this year, it was a learning curve but I was behind the targets I set myself at the start of the year, unfortunately. This was due to a number of reasons ranging from recovery time from a crash in December 2021 affecting winter training to catching COVID in June when my form was finally starting to show after a strong race back in Chamartin. I’ve always been my harshest critic and this year was no reason to change this approach. While my personal performance disappointed me, I was so blessed to have the opportunities that I was given by my team Escribano Sports Team and I will forever be thankful to the whole team for taking me on a journey through my first year of U23 and I just wish we could have done more together but sadly the team will not continue in 2023 but nevertheless I’ll cherish the jersey for many years to come.

I want to say the biggest thank you of all to Cesar Neira. Cesar, A pesar de que ya no estamos trabajando juntos debido a las circunstancias, vuelvo a Inglaterra para el 2023. Gracias por todo lo que has hecho por mí. Fue realmente una experiencia espectacular tenerte como mi entrenador y realmente deseo lo mejor para ti, tu familia y tus ciclistas. Te prometo que no has visto lo último de mí y un día vendré y te veré de nuevo. Un fuerte abrazo. Lance.

I also want to thank Pedal Potential for their amazing support throughout 2022, It has truly been invaluable to me. It has meant that I could stay in Spain for the majority of 2022 which took a huge weight off my shoulders as I didn’t need to worry about going back and forward from Spain throughout the year. This was also helped with my Irish passport.

My last thank you is to my coach for 2023 Tim Ramsden. I’m incredibly grateful for Tim taking me back under his wing after a 3 year period when I was at trainSharp and with Cesar. I truly believe with Tim’s help we can achieve great things in 2023 and beyond.

Above all, this year taught me to love riding my bike and have fun rather than see it as a chore or a job which is why I’m sure you’ve seen the video of me messing around on the bike doing wheelies. I nearly lost the love but finding it again was a breath of fresh air to me and one I will never let go. If you’re having fun, the form will often find itself. I may not be in Spain next year but I have “El Plan” and I’m excited to share what comes next for me very soon.

2023 will be a year where I make big leaps forward and I hope you will stick with me through the journey.

All the best



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