After returning home from Spain last week and having a break from social media to wind down from the year, I’ve had time to reminisce on what was a tough season but a good learning experience for myself.

Going back to my last blog briefly, after Italy I went back to Spain with the intentions of doing 2 final races in Spain with Escribano alongside a tough training block to kickstart winter training. Unfortunately, with race cancellations getting in the way. The team decided to not race the 2 races I was hoping to do which meant my BH team bike had to go back to the team and meant that my racing season in Spain had come to an end. I chose to spend the time I had left in Spain to continue with my planned training block which included a couple of times up a 20km climb to see just how well I could climb and to see how strong I was.

Me at the top of the Mijares Climb

Around this time, the Spanish Grand tour (La Vuelta de Espana) was passing close by to my town and specifically finishing in Madrid. Me along with Cesar and Isabella Escalara, rode to watch the race pass up one of the climbs on stage 18 and cheer the riders through including bringing some VC Londres support for Bahrain Victorius rider Fred Wright and we had a chance to see Remco Evenepoel resplendent in his Red leaders jersey that he would go on to win. For the day of the finale in Madrid, I woke up early and got the bus to madrid and caught the start of the Womens race as they raced around the same course through the heart of Madrid that the men would face in the evening. I sat and had lunch while the women raced round the streets not even 5 meters from where I was sitting. Later, after spending the whole day in madrid, I met up with Izzy and her mum to watch the men’s race and we had the chance to be in the VIP area on the final lap to Cheer Fred home as he claimed another amazing top 10 placing and even gave us a little chat afterwards as we waited outside the Bahrain Bus.

Now back in England, I made the decision myself to not take anymore time off the bike as I haven’t been totally happy with my form for one reason or another this year so I will be taking the time and using is wisely to ensure I start 2023 not just on the front foot but ahead of the game. I met up with an old friend and coach Tim Ramsden and he will give me some additional support while I’m in England to make me the best I can be ready to show what I truly can do next year.

Right now, I don’t know what my future will be but one thing is for certain and that is that I’ll work harder than ever to show just how good I know I can be and I hope you’ll stay with me and ride the journey with me to hopefully my ultimate goal of a place in the Pro peloton but we will wait and see what the future has in store for me.

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