A slight break from the norm in this blog with some cycling thrown in.

Last week, I travelled from my house in Spain back to England to fly to Italy the following day for a week. To people outside of my family, this seems like a holiday but this was a trip with a deep meaning to my whole family. To say our last goodbye to my grandfather.

It was refreshing to spend a little time not thinking about the bike, in what’s been a very stressful season and to spend the time with my family and girlfriend in a beautiful country was the cherry on the top of the cake.

I could only stay for 5 days with my family before I had to come back to Spain, but this time was very special to me as it was the only chance, I had to say goodbye to my grandad in person. And the beautiful place where we stayed made everything better.

I was due to do 2 more races in Spain before the season ended for me but unfortunately, they were cancelled and today I had to return my BH team bike back to Escribano. I’m extremely grateful for my first year as an U23 with Escribano exceeding anything I would have offered in the UK and I want to say a massive thank you to the team and all the staff for the year.

Right now, my coach Cesar and I have decided to postpone my end of season break due to the italy trip and focus on training for a few more weeks to have a good base for winter which will hopefully pay dividends next year.

Thank you again to Escribano, Cesar and Pedal Potential for all your support

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