After the highs of the race in Chamartín and the positive results with great feelings which I talked about in my last blog (Find that here) came a very big shock for me.

The Monday after the race in Chamartín was listed as my rest day and I had a 2 hour easy ride on Tuesday where I started to feel a little under the weather with a sore throat. Me being a paranoid being, I decided to take a covid test before my training session on Wednesday to rule out covid, for my feelings. It came back positive unfortunately. I took the necessary time off the bike with covid.  I was feeling just like I had a bad cold and recovered as quickly as possible but I missed a race in Avila with my Escribano team which was a shame.

With my form being an unknown after missing a few training sessions thanks to Covid and no races since Chamartín. I was disappointed but I understood the decision of the team to not select me for the Vuelta Madrid. This was one of my targets for the season but after having covid, it would have been a risk from the team to take me to a race where it wasn’t certain I could do anything in the stages, so I took this one on the chin and wished my team the best of luck.

My job since testing negative has been to give it everything to salvage my form again to get the best out of the tail end of the season. Working hard in the 35-45 degree heat out here in Spain (not too dissimilar from England at times amazingly) and I’m feeling nice and strong again.

Next up for me is the Vuelta de Toledo. A 3 day vuelta to see how I get on as an U23 over multiple days.

Stay tuned for that race update and all races to the end of this season

Take care



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