The season definitely has flown by faster than expected and we are more than half way through the races for the 2022 season. I have competed in 3 races since the last blog and had my 19th birthday since the last blog, so let’s talk through what’s been happening.

The first race was the shortest race of the 3. A 3.5km criterium circuit around the town of Coslada, equating to 45km total. My team Escribano Sports Team turned up with a strong team for this race with good numbers. We had a plan to try and get numbers in the breaks to see if any would stick and thats exactly what we did. I unfortunately wasn’t one of the riders that made the break, but I did my job of covering bridging attempts to the breakaway to protect my teammates ahead. My teammate Arturo crossed the line first but was later disqualified for being late to the start of the race after suffering a mechanical just before the race started, which was a disappointment to all of us. I finished near the front of the chasing group which was good for me.

My 19th birthday followed the race in Coslada by 4 days, an unusual experience for me as every year I’ve spent my birthday with family but my good friends in Spain made my birthday fun.

The next race for me was the Madrid championships in El Escorial. This was a very hot and tough race on some familiar roads from training. The 5pm start intensified the heat and the stresses of traveling the 4 hours to the race on race day did not help but I dug as deep as possible, but I was distanced and did not finish. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any photos of me in this race.

The final race and the most recent was this Sunday just gone, I competed at the Grand Prix de Tetun right in the heart of Madrid city through the streets of Chamartin. 93km of crit racing was on the menu for this race. I wanted to prove to myself after the disapointment of El Escorial that I could still race well so I dug in deep and gave my all and more in the race. I tried to push some breaks with my Escribano teammates but we missed the eventual winning break. I hid in the wheels at times, launched some of my own attacks which sadly came to nothing, but I picked my way through a chaotic sprint to finish 4th in the peloton’s sprint and 12th overall (6th U23) I was happy with this and to be top Escribano rider was a bonus. I proved to myself that I still have the potential.

Once again, I’d like to thank my coach Cesar and my team Escribano for their support and Pedal Potential for their support as well.

Some big races still left on the calendar for this year so we are far from over.

Stay tuned to see how they go…



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