I’ve always talked about living in Spain and I’ve mentioned the name of my town Cadalso de Los Vidros but I’ve never gone into detail about the beauty of the town and surrounding areas, so it’s time I set this straight.

The area where I live is one of great beauty, high mountains, ever-changing weather conditions and best of all for cyclists, smooth roads. My house is situated at 820 meters above sea level (quite the change from being at exactly sea level in my seaside home town).

I’m very lucky to be able to be in this town and have my lifelong passion of cycling as my main occupation with the aid of my coach Cesar Neira and my team Escribano Sports Team.

Whilst in England my long awaited Irish passport arrived too and so now as an Irish citizen, I am able to stay in Europe with less restrictions and as I have said in past blogs, I am registered as Irish with the UCI.

Over the past week after returning from England, I was given the oppurtunity to race my second Copa de Espana in Valladolid. A cold start to the day wasn’t expected but cold temperatures are nothing new as I’ve spent all my career until now racing in the British winter and spring times where it’s normal to be cold. The race definitely didn’t go to plan due to having bad legs right from the off probably due to losing a day’s training earlier in the week travelling back from England, I was struggling for much of the race, however when my teammate needed a wheel to get back on the peloton after getting caught up behind a crash, I worked hard to help them but after I eventually got dropped. This was a bad feeling for me, and I was disappointed but as a first year Under 23 this year was never going to be me setting the world on fire and winning everything I lined up for so I take the positives from this experience into the next Copa de Espana which I’m very lucky to have been selected for. This one will be the hardest race I’ve ever competed in due to this race being in the Basque Country where hills reign supreme.

This race will be a very tough one but like always, I’ll give it 110% and see what happens.

Once again, I’d like to thank my team Escribano for their trust in me and my coach Cesar for his support and Pedal Potential for their additional support.

I’ll see you all in the next blog where you will find out how this Copa went




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