Just over a week ago I lined up for my very first Copa de Espana at the Gran Premio de Primavera Ontur.

After the two races I had entered previously in Toledo, this would be a whole new challenge for me. A 172km parcours with 2 climbs and 5 finishing circuits around the hosting town of Ontur.

When the team and I arrived in the start town after the drive from our hotel, very familiar British weather welcomed us. Cold and raining was how the race started and the bad weather did not pass for the duration of the race.

At the roll out

The race was a sketchy and tough race at times but at points was easy for me to sit in the peloton. My job for the race was just to survive and do my best. Unfortunately at around 100km into the race there was a large crash which I got caught up in but thankfully not hurt in. After this it was a hard chase with no shelter due to no echelons being formed and the pace being put on at the front of the race to catch the breakaway.

Eventually the tough conditions and the energy I had expended to try to catch up hit me and unfortunately I was pulled out and I rode back to the start/finish town to see which of my teammates were left in the brutal race for the final 2 laps of the finishing circuit.

This was a baptism of fire in terms of my first Copa de Espana but there were positives to take from this, such as feeling comfortable in the bunch, experiencing going to an event like this with my team and bonding with my Escribano teammates.

Many thanks to my team Escribano for selecting me and to my coach Cesar Neira for getting me into the best shape I could be for this race.

This is only the start and there will be better results to come.

Thanks for reading



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