It’s all building up very nicely for the 2022 season for me so far. A great bike in my control, perfect kit, legs feeling good in training and seeing some solid numbers along the way.

After getting my new bike from my team and having a few training sessions on it, the team offered me a full bio-mechanics bike-fit with one of my team’s sponsors Ekib Madrid.

It was very interesting to see how the bio-mechanics worked on me in order to make the bike as comfortable as possible and to allow me to be fast and aero on the bike as well, a win win situation in many ways.

I decided to have my bike fit the day before the first team camp weekend with Escribano to ensure the bike was perfect for the hard work that lay ahead. My new teammate Javi and I both had our bikefit done the day before and after everything was completed we made our way via many late night trains to the overnight stay which was around 1km away from my team’s headquarters. The late night wasn’t the best preparation for the camp but this is a learning curve and it’s all about adaptation.

Day 1 was 5 hours and 157km at a solid tempo, a tough day out on the bike for everyone but the weather was kind to us. Efforts against the older and stronger under 23 guys and the elites on the team certainly hurt but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It was an enjoyable ride and I was trying my best to talk to everyone using my Spanish to the best of my ability and even helping the other guys with some English.

Day 2 was just under 5 hours and 143km but still at a strong tempo and again with efforts. I struggled on the second day, possibly due to my poor refueling which has always been a sticking point for me but I’m determined to improve this. This camp gave me an idea of where I am in relation to my teammates and hopefully I will be in a good position to be in the mix for some good results this year with some very hard work still to do but luckily for me I have time on my side for this season.

I’m currently back in the UK for a few weeks as I’m waiting for my Irish passport to arrive and finally be in a position where I can relax abroad and not panic about how many days I have left to stay in the EU. I’m also excited to race the National Championships in Ireland this year and hope to have a strong showing there but we will see about that, keep an eye out for that one!

Thank you to Escribano and all team sponsors for a great first training weekend and look forward to the season getting underway for real very soon.

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