The season is truly getting underway and it’s looking like a good start to my Under 23 career but the first race will tell me where I stand against the top riders in Spain

Last week I collected my kit and my first ever team issue bike from my team Escribano Sports Team. I’ve had a week of riding on the new bike and in the new kit and it definitely gives me a boost in training seeing such a beautiful kit on me and the bike is an absolute dream to ride. The BH RS1 is our team bike for the year and for me it brought a lot of changes such as my first bike with electronic gears in the form of Shimano’s new 12 speed Ultegra Di2 and the first road bike I’ve ridden with disc brakes, and I have to say I’ve adapted to the new bike very well and it’s a beautiful bike (This is genuinely my opinion!) I’m very excited to get racing for Escribano and hope this season can be a successful one.

So far throughout January, Training has been productive, with good numbers and very good feelings on the bike also the weather here in Spain has been nice (just a little warmer than the UK given our altitude) . I’m in Spain for 10 more days before a short trip back home to collect my new passport which will complete the process of obtaining EU Irish Citizenship but before that I have the first team training meeting with Escribano on the 5th and 6th of February. I’m very much looking forward to meeting the staff and the other riders. I would have loved to have had my friend and teammate Louis Bilyard with me but unfortunately, he can’t make it but I’ll see you at some point out here I’m sure lad.

I’m working harder than I have ever done and the work is only just starting, I’m very excited to line up as an Under 23 for the first time.

Big thank you to Escribano and to Cesar Neira for giving me the ability to be in the position I’m in with the support and equipment to hopefully have a very successful 2022.

Thanks for reading and make sure to look out for many more blogs throughout this 2022 season, it’s shaping up nicely.

Stay safe



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