The elation of racing returning more or less back into full swing is a feeling like no other, it’s truly refreshing to have races to do however short they may be but alongside racing coming back there has been some serious matters that have affected many people.

Over the bank holiday weekend, I, along with many others took part in the social media boycott to show support for victims of racial discrimination and stand against all forms of discrimination. Personally, it should be a formality to treat everyone with respect but unfortunately there are people that don’t feel the same way and this must be addressed to make everyone feel welcome and happy.

Back to racing now and it’s been a solid period of racing with TT’s and crit races all with varying results.

I had my first taste of an E/1/2 race on the 17th of April and this was a fast 30 minute race around Redbridge Cycle Circuit, I ended up off the front early on which didn’t come to anything but I was one of the strongest riders in the group and I tried to pull back the breakaway leaders but I had little help and I came 6th. I had a lot of positives to take from the race so the race was satisfying but I can’t say I was ecstatic.

The day after I had a 25 mile TT organised by Kent CA planned on a course I have the course record on but unfortunately roadworks didn’t allow us to do the full course so it was changed to the 10 mile course. My legs were feeling stiff in the warm up but I gave it everything in the TT and came 8th overall and 2nd junior to my teammate Harry Ives.

Getting aero and putting the power down

The following weekend was not a great one as I learnt the importance of preparation the hard way. I was racing the East Sussex CA TT and I misjudged our arrival time to reccy the course and this impacted on my time to warm up and prepare and as I was an extremely early number, off second rider. I threw everything at the TT with no warm up and I came 12th and 2nd junior again just 11 seconds behind my trainSharp teammate Harry. You live and learn and I’ll make sure that I won’t make that same mistake again!

Over the bank holiday weekend, there was another 2 day event at Cyclopark run by VCL. My aim was to keep in the top 10 on every stage and a top 10 finish on GC. I managed a 6th and 7th on the first day which was a positive result but I couldn’t keep the same results on the 2nd day with 15th and 10th. I managed a 9th place on GC which was what I wanted but I always want more.

Finally, Yesterday I did my second E/1/2/3 race in the SERRL (South East Road Raceing League) at Ardingly race course. Slippery and damp conditions mixed with tight and changing road surfaces meant for very exciting and on edge racing. I pushed as hard as I dared and made a good save after losing the rear wheel through a corner. I ended up forcing splits in the group and ended up in the front group with Alec Briggs along with some other strong riders for company. Coming into the final bend I was on the wrong line and that slowed me and I sprinted to 4th place which was a solid results in the condtions.

Looking ahead now, I have some more TT’s and road races coming up to see what I can do. Thanks again to trainSharp and Pedal Potential for their support.

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