This crazy year is finally coming to an end and it’s traditional at this time to look back on what was achieved this year.

First race for trainSharp back in January

“Early season” brought some solid results for me including 2 wins in back to back weeks at both Cyclopark and Lee Valley. These were what I thought encouraging signs for the season to come but as we all know the season pretty much ended there.

After the elation of 2 victories, the unprecedented news, came that the country would be going into lockdown and suspending the 2020 season. This was hard to take, given my form was good in the early months and would have improved over the course of the year. But I accepted that this was a necessity and got back into winter training with the help of my coach Alex Welburn to help me improve myself without racing.

Still training hard in COVID times

The second winter training block was all going well and I was feeling good and strong on the bike and it was after the block concluded in late May that I had my second setback to deal with. Out on a mountain bike for fun, I hit a rock and fractured my elbow. This was a harder setback to deal with than COVID if I’m honest, as it was my fault and I made the mistake. I rested for how long I needed to but had to train indoors in the summer heat until my arm healed and I could get back to outdoor riding.

With my elbow healed in time and the situation in the UK going down slightly, the opportunity of Time Trials became very apparent as they were the only events that could be safely run. I was excited to get back into TT’s properly after a long absence from focusing on TT’s. I wanted to get as much out of the racing that was available so I entered as many TT’s as I could and went into every one as hard as I could.

The first TT of the “season” hurt a fair bit

After a professional aero fit with trainSharp, I started to get faster and stronger in the TT’s with good numbers in terms of power data. I started becoming fast enought to start taking course records from strong junior time trialists, which motivated me greatly to work harder to improve even more.

The final TT of my season was the only national I did all year, which was the national circuit 25. I wanted to end the year on a high with this TT. I gave it my all but it just wasn’t enough for the podium I wanted but I was happy with a 6th place at a national which was a good result for me.

All in all, this season has taught me alot. I’m very thankful for my parents, Jon, Alex and the trainSharp team for helping me through this season. Let’s hope in 2021 we can have some more strong results. Also big thanks to the team’s sponsors; Scott bikes, SRM, Bioracer, Sykes HD, Today’s Plan, Secret Training, SIDAS and Stuart Hall Cycling Holidays.

Happy new year and best wishes to all



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