There aren’t many positives to take from the world right now so we have to focus on little things to find happiness, confidence and satisfaction.

Time trials have been that positive for me over this strange period of time. Always giving me something to strive for, target and have that competitive nature that we have all missed this year.

My last blog was talking about the start of the TT season for me which I will link here. Now it’s about finishing it all off on a high just the way I started the year and the way I started lockdown.

After the success I had in the previous TT’s, it was important to carry my momentum to the next targets. First of which was the West Kent 25.

This was the first proper 25 mile TT I’ve done in 5 years and the first one on open roads so it was an unknown as to how I would do. I started as a later rider and got into my perfected by trainsharp aero position and got stuck into the TT. Within the first 10 miles I’d caught my minute man and my 2 minute man, all felt good and my numbers said I was on schedule for a fast time. Having caught a further 2 riders I rode into the finishing straight empty and recorded a time of 55:03 on a sporting course and I took over a minute off of the previous junior record.

Fully focused from the off. Photo by: Daniel James Photography

After a week break due to a cancelled TT, I went to the Kingston Phoenix TT in Dorking. I was feeling good for this TT and I needed to put in a strong performance as my teammate Harry Ives was also doing the TT and it would be between us for the junior prize. With some rain in the air, I started the TT as one of the earlier starters for a change. I rode as hard as I could. I came across the line with nothing left, I knew that I gave it everything but I had to wait a day or so for the official results to see how Harry and I had done. It was so close between us, only 9 seconds split us but I managed to take the junior prize and the course record on another rolling course with a time of 21:10.

My season is coming to a close but there is one more target for me and that is the National Circuit 25 on the 18th of October. The plan as always is to finish on a high to cap off the strange COVID season.

Let’s hope that we have a normal season next year but let’s end this year the right way.




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