Well, I never expected my early season results to possibly be my only results of the 2020 season but COVID-19 may have put a stop to racing for a while.

It has been tough times being in the form I was in March and then being told that we were going into lockdown (perhaps later than we should have!) but it was the right decision however hard it was to accept.

I’m very grateful and lucky to have the world class coaching staff at trainSharp, in particular my coach Alex Welburn who helped me when frustration got the better of me and I lost motivation for a few days. I’ve got my motivation back and I’m training hard and seeing improvements in my training. This lockdown is physically tougher than any race I’ve done in my career but it won’t be forever and hopefully we can race soon so I can show everyone how good I can be!

Training hard in the Pain cave

I also had the opportunity to have 2 Q&A’s with Larry Hickmott from VeloUK about me and about training in lock down. You can read them through these links Lockdown Q&A with Lance Childs E-Racing Q&A with Lance Childs

Hopefully there will be more positive news soon and we will be racing before the end of the year if it’s safe enough.

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