It’s been an eventful few months for me in terms of joining my new team trainSharp Development Team. I’ve been very excited to start racing for the team as early in the season as I have been, both on the track and the road.

I had some solid results at Full Gas track league at Lee Valley Velopark with some top 3’s in some races and a win in the points race at the last meeting I attended.

I did my first ever road race as well at the SERRL (South East Road Race League) at the Biddenden course. I was the youngest rider in the 2/3 race and I managed to come away with an 8th place and 1st junior which I was pleased with but I wasnt ecstatic as it was only 8th overall and I always want better results.

At the finish of a hard and long race at the SERRL

The majority of my racing this year so far has been on closed circuits. I have been racing at the Full Gas Crits at Lee Valley Velopark and I have been competitive with strong top 5 results and a 3rd place.

This weekend I raced at Cyclopark at the Abellio SFA Crit race. I managed to form a breakaway from the group and with around a lap and a half to go, I went solo to the line and picked up my first win of the season. It made it even more special that I didn’t have to wait until summer for a win.

Proud to win for the team

I’m happy with what I have achieved so far this season but we are only just getting started. Let’s see what this season will be like for me and my teammates. Hoping for many more celebrations to come.


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