The weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to race in Belgium with my club mate Anthony Morris.

The first race was the Herne Omloop. It turned out that my friend Callum Biggs was also over in Belgium for the same race as Anthony and I. When the race started, I stayed mid-pack to save some energy for later in the race. Anthony was going well at the head of the race. During the quite warm race, I had to avoid some stupid moves from riders around me but I crucially stayed upright. Unfortunately, Anthony hit the deck with 2 laps to go (Thankfully, just a cut to Anthony’s elbow). There was a group of 2 riders off the front of the group coming into the final stages of the race so the peloton that I was in was racing for 3rd. I stuck in the wheels until the final corner and I went to the opposite side of the road and managed to finish 7th in the sprint.

Me (Left) Anthony (Middle) and Callum Biggs (Right)
After the finish

Day 2 was the Lichtervelde Omloop. This course was a very nice course to ride in the recon so Anthony and I went into the race optimistic. The race started quite quickly but soon slowed down. Anthony and I were both very agressive in this race as we both got into breaks and forced breaks and splits in the crosswinds. We both managed to get into a break toegther and Anthony took the prime and dropped back to the peloton and I was very vocal in getting my fellow breakaway riders to work and we worked very well and we had a good gap but the peloton caught us. Anthony managed to get into the eventually winning break so I couldnt chase as I would bring the peloton with me. In the closing stages, it started to rain heavily so I took some risks and managed to cause splits in the peloton with me by myself and a group of 3 chasing me which caught me and us 4 rode to the finish. Anthony finished an amazing 2nd and I finished 7th again in the chasing group.

The starting grid

This weekend was an amazing experience for me and it was a lot of fun to finish off the road season on a high note after the early season lows. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without Anthony’s parents Stella and Philip so a massive thank you to them for taking me for the weekend and allowing me to have 2 amazing races. This is the end of my road season but stay tuned for more races and news to come.

Thanks Lance


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