Yesterday was the South East Road Championships held within the Eastbourne Cycling Festival.

Rain hit the circuit for the earlier races but mostly dried by the time of the U16 race but there were some areas that were still damp which could have been a problem.

After the neutralised lap behind the cars, I went to the front and set a high pace. I looked behind and saw one of my VCL teammates Oli Mangham on my wheel so me and Oli broke away together. After a while, I started to struggle as Oli was faster out of the corners so he pulled away from me but I knew I had to keep the pressure on to stay away from the main group.

Oli (On the front) and me off the front

Oli stayed away for the win, I kept 2nd and our other VCL teammate Anthony won the bunch sprint for 3rd which finished a VCL podium lockout.

This was my first race on my new Dolan Rebus as well. The bike felt amazing but maybe a lack of experience on the bike stopped me taking more risks in the corners to go faster.

I’d like to thank Eastbourne Cycling Festival and all the commissaries and volunteers for making the race happen and I’d like to thank Jez Cox for very good commentary.


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