Yesterday was my 2nd adult race that I have been able to compete in with my dispensation from attaining 50 points in youth A races.

I was not sure how the race would go but I was confident in my strength that I would be able to stay with the pace of the race. I decided to test myself and the group very early on in the race by attacking on the first lap on the first hairpin of the Cyclopark full circuit and I formed a early break with 2 riders but this break was never going to stay away to the end so I dropped back to the peloton and sat in the wheels.

Throughout the race I was pushing the pace to try and catch 2 riders that broke away but this was unsucessful so it became a race for 3rd place for me. With 5 laps to go, a large rain shower hit the circuit slowing the pace of the race and made positioning very important. It came down to a sprint at the end for 3rd and I was in a good position and made up some places in the sprint but I was just beaten on the line into 5th.

This was a very good race to do and it had many positives for me like placing in the top 5 with youth A gear restrictions.

Thank you to all the marshals and organisers from Medway Velo for organising the race and Cyclopark as well

This is me dropping back to the peloton after my attack

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