Anthony (Right) and Me (Left) in our Madison jerseys

Last night at Herne Hill Track league, it was the last opportunity for me and my partner Anthony Morris to practice Madison before we head to compete in the National Track Champs together in the Madison.

We were not sure how the race would go as this was our first serious madison race together. We definitely had a hard race ahead of us with tough teams to try and beat but we worked hard and tried our best.

During the race, I thought mine and Anthony’s changes were good (some were a little early) but we had a good understanding of who we knew we could compete with. Mid way through the race, the team of Oscar Nilsson-Julien went up the road and Anthony and I tried to stay with Oli Stockwell and Innes Harvey but they were too strong and we dropped back fighting for 3rd (which was where we ended up finishing)

I think Anthony and I fought well and finished strong so hopefully we can carry this into the Madison at Track Champs.


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